Naruto is getting somewhere with his new jutsu as he notices the difference in technique when making Chidori and Rasengan, as shown by Kakashi. Rasengan only requires shape manipulation where as Chidori also needs Nature! Lightning. Furthermore, Rasengan was made by the 4th Hokagem and if you don’t know already is Naruto’s dad. His intentions were to add an element to Rasengan but even such a strong person was unable to complete it. Now it’s up to Naruto who can make this new jutsu, through the aid of his shadow clones! He can do it as far as I’m concerned.

Elsewhere, Hidan and Kakuzu are exchanging the Chiriku’s body for the bounty. Other teams are heading to the exhange points but only Asuma’s team will meet Akatsuki! The other teams set up traps ready to ambush the ‘coming Akatsuki’.

Asuma’s team made a great entrance. Hidan was caught off guard but it really didn’t matter. Restricted by Shikamaru’s shadow ability, with the other two (I really don’t know their names but they’re awesome) stab Hidan’s vital organs, but to no avail, Hidan’s alive.  So basically now it’s just Hidan fighting Asuma’s team since Kakuzu was told to stay out. There’s been difficulty for Asuma and Shikamaru who have been teaming up to take down Hidan. Eventhough it’s 2v1, they’re struggling against the power of Akatsuki. Quickly call for reinforcements I say!

Back to Naruto. His clones are trying very hard! A little hiccup when Kyuubi’s chakra leak out of Naruto, prompting Yamato to seal him up. Quite a scare. And you know Sakura’s soldier pills? It’s about time she tried one for herself and realise it tastes like shit.

Double episode next week. How rare of this. If you missed the passwords for this week, they were ‘A’ ‘Su’ ‘Ma’ ‘To’.