Correction about Mohinder’s ability. Clearly at the start of the episode, and I actually remember from reading spoilers, he has powers that mimic Spiderman. Not that he can spin webs but his senses have improved dramatically.

Massive escape of the highly dangerous Level 5 prisoners! Thanks to Elle who blacked out the security measures. Can’t blame her, Sylar had killed her dad, then he was after her so what could she do! At least she knocked Sylar out.Among the prisoners was a pyrotechnic, magnet controller,sound manipulator and a enhanced strength man! What I still don’t understand is why did Future Peter put Peter into the body of the sound manipulator Jesse Murphy! This explains  the yelling of ‘I’m Peter Petrelli’ from last episode, but tell me why!! On the topic of prisoners, they’re out to kill, but what is Peter Petrelli going to do? He’s trapped in the body of Jesse Murphy, he has to pick a side. He’s just following the prisoners but will he rebel?

Another thing that needs to be answered. Tracey Strauss. Does she have the power of turning anything into ice? She owned the reporter with the video tapes of her sexing it with Nathan. I thought she would have super strength but strangely, with the change in personality, she gets a new power? Or is it the reporter that can change forms? All very vague and mysterious!

With Sylar captive, Angela was able to have a chat with her dear son…WHAT!?! I said it. Angela claims that Sylar is her son. So then who’s Sylar’s mum? Is Peter Sylar’s brother? Or is Nathan Sylar’s brother? Are one of them adopted? Many questions being raised up already! I can’t wait to find out more!!

A bit of tension rising between Hiro and Ando. Due to seeing the future, Hiro feels uneasy, unable to trust Ando as much anymore. In the future, Ando clearly is a villain. So are there any clues pointing to this already? Yes! At Daphne’s apartment, Hiro delegates Ando the task of searching for the formula, whilst he sets up a trap. When Daphne returns, Hiro implements his trap of trading, making Daphne trade the formula for her 12th Grade 100m Medal (funny isn’t it). After seeing where she hid it, Hiro was annoyed because he thought Ando looked everywhere. Ando had a very shifty look at this stage. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for more hints. ANDO IS EVIL!

Next episode! I can’t wait!