More and more of the story unfolds!

So we’ve been informed that Sylar is Angela’son who she put up for adoption, and there’s a hint of Sylar’s real powere but it’s just his obsession to gaining more and MOAR POWERS! I still doubt Angela’s intentions, after feeding Brigitte to Sylar. The power to touch and object to view its history. Wonder why such a power was invented? It has to come useful, maybe for the formula?

So if Sylar is Angela’s son, then are Nathan and Peter her sons? If so that would make Clare’s uncle Sylar. All these family relationships interwebbing are interesting but if too muddled, it will be very wrong…

Hiro and Ando are gradually splitting up as friends. Another sign of this shown as Ando decides to ignore Hiro’s plan and just does as he pleases. I wonder when they will separate! They’ve been inseparable forever.

There’s always discussions on how to kill Clare, Adam, and the new member Sylar. Noah seems eager to find out after being stuck with Sylar as a partner. Clare’s urge to fight with her dad causes her mum to show Clare what she’s weak against. Inside a shipping container, Clare’s mum burns all the oxygen, making Clare suffocate and feel drowsy. Dieing by suffocation? Mind tricks? I’m sure Parkman can trap people within their own minds. Speaking of Parkman, who’s that women the African dude draws him with? Blond hair. Only leads to Daphne or Tracey.

Now I’ve been waiting for Micah to come back to the plot. Tracey follows a hunch after being mistaken as Nicky Sanders. Tracey goes to New Orleans, goes to what she doesn’t know as Nicky’s funeral(I thought her body blew up). She opens the coffin to see Nicky, or herself. Micah meets Tracey wondering what the helll. So he checks the relationship between Tracey and Nicky, and in a matter a few seconds, they find out they were born on the same day, same hosiptal, same day, SAME DOCTOR. SO Tracey follows the lead of Dr. Zimmerman. She meets the doctor, and we’ve just found out Tracey’s been created by him. So what does this imply?  Nicky Sander’s was created for sure. Then does this mean Dr.Zimmerman knows more about these powers than Mohinder? Because it surely does!

Can’t wait for next episode. Always a thrill to watch!