Although I didn’t watch today and yesterday, i must have my little rant about Nobbi winning FNL and the fact that I’ve been hoping this sooo many times!!! Being stuck in the kombi for ages, and how he’s been in the FNL finals so many times, its about time he won again, and got a decent prize. The Zimbabwe trick was so dog of its good Nobbi has got decent prizes this time round! I also tipped Nobbi in the tipping comp on the BB site to win tonight …and it has come true..mauhaha!

Here’s more about the night..

Earlier in the week, the Housemates learned how the BB game had changed – they would no longer Evict their own – Australia would. They stood at the ready in the FNL Arena.

“Housemates, yesterday was World Environment Day,” announced BB. “Today you are all global crusaders with one mission – to save the world. HMs, you know the rules of BB recently changed. So has the reward for the winner of FNL. Double points are dead. The Strategy Room is dead. The Eviction Twist, however is very much alive. HMs there are only six weeks remaining.

“Victory in these games is the only way to guarantee your survival. Tonight’s winner will win the Eviction Twist. Tonight’s winner will be the Head of the BB Household. Tonight’s winner will win a mystery prize for later this evening.”

To honour Intruders Cherry, Rhianna and Terrence’s first FNL experience, they were named captains for the first round. But with one more captaincy spot to fill, BB nominated the day’s most environmentally friendly HM.

“Nobbi,” announced BB. “You have already saved the world unnecessary water wastage by not showering.”

The teams were rolled out: Rhianna chose Alice and Rory. “Third wheel, what!” yelled Alice with a smile. Terrence went for an all T affair – choosing Travis and then Terri to back him up. Nobbi went for Ben and Bianca, while Cherry selected his favourite BB girl, Brigitte, and Renee.

The HMs first challenge was an obstacle course, which involved one of the HMs sitting inside a wheelie bin and being navigated through a course by their other two team members.

For the first heat, Brigitte and Rhianna assumed the position in the wheelie bin – and were showered with ‘rubbish’. Brigitte wasn’t rewarded for her smelly sacrifice – with Rhianna, Rory and Alice winning the heat easily. Next up Terrence clambered into the wheelie bin to be pushed by Terri and Travis – but they were smashed by Nobbi, Ben and Bianca, who went through to the second round.

The second round was a high-flying affair. “You will fly through the air superhero style,” announced BB.

Rhianna was fitted with a harness, and charged with the responsibility of catching pieces of “rubbish” lobbed to her by Rory and Alice on the ground, and then attempting to successfully throw her “rubbish” into the correct recycling bin. “Rhianna, up, up and away,” finished BB.

With 8 items in the recycling bins, Rhianna’s team had laid the benchmark. Next to compete were Nobbi, Ben and Bianca, with the Kombi King taking on the soaring role. The Housemate cheered as Nobbi flew around the FNL Arena – even catching two items at a time to improve his strike rate. Improve it he did, binning 12 items, and sending his team through to the third round.

Big Brother gave Rhianna, Rory and Alice one final chance to get back into FNL – and get a shot at becoming Head of House, winner of the Eviction Twist and also, the one to take out BB’s surprise prize.

They were charged with taking a leaf out of Superman’s book, and changing at the speed of light – in a phone booth – at the same time. With a shirt, pants, tie and spectacles to put on in the fastest time possible, the first fully dressed Housemate to kiss “Lois Lane” would be back in with a shot at the win. Despite Rory taking up the most room in the phone booth, Alice dressed in a super flash, and was back in contention.

“Alice you are through to the next round,” confirmed BB.

And then there were four… For the last round before the final, Bianca and Alice went head to head.  “Bianca you are a lumberjack,” instructed BB. “Alice you are a tree. The lumberjack has one minute to chop timber, or tag the tree. If successful, the lumberjack will move to the final. Lumberjack success depends on how well you use your ears.”

Dressed in a massive squeaky tree costume, Alice initially stayed completely still, and therefore – quiet. But as Bianca, complete with grey beard, wildly swung her “saw” around, close to Alice, she was forced to move. Jumping on the squeak straight away, Bianca gave chase, successfully swiping Alice – and moving to her first FNL final!

“The lumberjack was successful,” announced BB. “That is my first final!” enthused an excited Bianca.

A very proactive lumberjack, Nobbi gave chase straightaway, and had Ben pinned within seconds of the buzzer sounding.

Down to two Housemates, Bianca and Nobbi were left to duel it out for the prize of superhero FNL champion. All that stood in their way, was a meteor shower!

“The superhero with the most meteors the same colour as their shield in the ozone layer will lose,” revealed BB. “Watch out for the space balls. You must remain on the globe at all times. Prepare to compete.”

Ready to deflect, Nobbi and Bianca turned their shields to the ready. With space balls and meteors flying every which way, Nobbi and Bianca sent as many meteors packing back into the universe –aka the FNL arena – as they could.

But there could be only one winner. “Nobbi congratulations,” commended BB. “You are a true global crusader. You are the winner of FNL.”

More about Nobbi’s prize here

He may now be the Head of the BB Household – but it didn’t mean he could enter the inside without BB’s permission! Standing at the glass doors, Nobbi waited for BB’s instructions while the rest of the HMs sat on the lounge.

“Nobbi. You may enter the House,” announced BB. “Go immediately to the Diary Room.”

Settled in the Diary Room chair, Nobbi couldn’t wipe the grin off his face. “I feel nice, really good,” smiled Nobbi. “Very happy. Since I came runner up last week.”

“As the winner this week you are now Head of the BB Household,” announced BB.

“But I can’t do anything!” complained Nobbi, of his BB life in backyard exile.

“You may have to run the House from the outside,” conceded BB. “You have also won the power to change Evictions. You will find out more about this part of your prize on Sunday night.

“Nobbi, BB also promised you a mystery prize. To your left are four tickets and business class travel packs to fly on BB airlines to a mystery location. The flight departs tonight.

As the winner of the FNL, you may choose three HMs to accompany you. Nobbi. Which three HM will be flying out of the House tonight.”

Without a moment of hesitation, Nobbi gave BB his travelling buddies: “Ben, Rory and Bianca,” he announced.

“Why?” enquired BB.

“Rory because I feel as though he is the closest guy in the House, closest HM to me,” Nobbi replied. “Ben is very close to me as well. The third one was going to be Renee or Bianca, but Renee has already been before but I think she deserves it because she got runner up and she could possibly be leaving this Sunday.”

Nobbi was instructed to collect the flight tickets and travel packs, and reveal which HM would be joining him on his journey in the lounge.

The Housemates began to squeal with excitement as soon as they spotted the travel packs in Nobbi’s hand. But given the original BB airlines destination – Nobbi assumed they’d be making a trip to Bali. But BB hadn’t yet revealed where the flight was headed!

“I get to choose three HMs to come to Bali with me,” Nobbi said excitedly. “Although Renee is the closest female HM to me, she has been before.” Nobbi revelaed he’d be flying Rory, Ben and Bianca away with his mystery prize.

“Travellers pack your bags,” instructed BB. “Your flight departs shortly.”

As Nobbi’s travellers headed to the Locker Room to pack their bags and Nobbi to the Kombi, he revealed how life would be under his reign in the BB House. “With the Head of House thing, you guys can just do what you want,” Nobbi shrugged before naming Travis his deputy Head of House for while he’s away.

Alice sat with the packing Housemates. “Bali might not be Bali anymore – it might be Africa,” she wondered. “There could be lions.”

Ready to roll, BB revealed yet another surprise for the night – a fireworks display! It was impossible for the HMs to ignore, and they stood in wonder, enjoying the spectacular show.

Full of anticipation of the journey and surprise destination which lay ahead, the Housemates staying behind wished the travellers all the best.

“I’ll send you a ‘I wish you were Her’ postcard,” Rory joked with Travis.

“Travellers, it’s time to board the plane,” announced BB. “Walk through the cloudy door now.”

Yelling out their final goodbyes, Rory, Ben, Nobbi and Bianca disappeared through the backyard cloudy door and boarded their flight to – who knows?

“They didn’t even check my passport,” joked Ben. A BB Airlines frequent flyer, Rory surveyed his surroundings. “I don’t reckon we’re going to Bali,” said Rory. “They’ve changed everything.”

“Take your seats and make yourselves comfortable,” announced Captain Big Brother.

Settled into their BB Airlines seat, Nobbi’s travellers couldn’t contain their excitement. “This is hell exciting,” said Nobbi.

Guess I’ll find out where the 4 are going. 🙂 I hope its somewhere good. Might even have snow somehow…XD