Just note anything I type about each Day is actually about the day before. Except FNL or Evictions of course 🙂

More fun stuff in the daily show regarding the task. The housemates are showering, Cherry is showered in ‘Cheery’ coloured water..how ironic..he ignores of course…well the other housemates didn’t, seeing as they were more scared of the colour than the actual water.

Housemates woke up to a house filled with foam. Terri  and Terrence were first to notice and just laughed hysterically. The other housemates tried to sleep, Brigitte kept complaining about the laughing. Other housemates left the bed room. Cherry didn’t ignore the foam by pulling up his pants to walk through the foam swamp =o Then Terrence goes to Diary Room to find mops and towels but asks BB why he needs to clean the floor. BB asks him to clean the floor because its dirty…so its got dirt!

Then we have Alice go into the Diary Room, to meet plush Ollie. Alice was oblivious to the fact that the dog was part of this weeks task, so she just tells BB its fake, but BB corrects her. Then she realises. Fake dog. You still have to train the dog of course, feed it etc. Whilst the boys were cooking lunch, Nobbi and girls were outside, with Ollie. Nobbi was being a retard and start chucking a ball at poor Ollie. Hehe then BB punishes him for animal cruelty and forces him to clean all the windows..AGAIN! 😀

More things from the task include Brigitte hearing her name in weird voices. She doesn’t ignore them, like the girl she is XD I guess most housemates forget there’s actually a task. Then family members of housemates being flashed on the plasma. Fail the task for sure =p

6weeks since the first housemate grenade hit Nobbi, BB decided to ‘Pimp your ride.’ BB gave him a bunch of things to ‘pimp’ the kombi’ under the condition he would wear the outfit provided. In his pimping suit and with assistance from fellow housemates, he ‘pimped’ the kombi. Now it looks spanking pimping! Zebra style! Comes with Lava Lamp, Disco Ball, Furry Hob Caps and Stripe Bed Theme!

The situation between Renee and Bianca still hasn’t been fixed! Renee has been feeling pretty down. Rory tell her that is the battle between the stubborn, seeing as they haven’t talked for 3 day straight… They are gonna talk to each other soon….seriously…

Then we have Brigitte learn how to knit. Terri teaches her to do one bit of a row. I’m no knitting expert. Brigitte, like a little child, wants to stop after doing like 1minute of knitting. Terri is like ‘you should do a row so you can tell your mummy.’ so…kindergarten teacher styled.

Terrence strutting his stuff, not pretty. Even Terri said it was just foul! So high up! Anyway, when he approaches the spa, housemates kinda ignore him lol. Nobbi has a new mate, iin playing monkeys. Terrence joins in chasing Nobbi around the garden, before dipping back in the spa.