Well this weeks episode was nothing important I guess.

Asuma and Tsunade have a long winded chat about whats happening with the destruction of certain villages, whats gonna happen…war?

Sora’s first time in Konoha, gets owned by Tsunade…gets owned by alot of people because of his attitude. He reveals to Naruto the reason why he wants revenge on his dad’s killer. We see Kiba, Lee, Chouji,Shikamaru, Asuma and Naruto all get involved in a rumble. Fun Fun. Then BBQ TIME WOOP WOOP!

After BBQ, Asuma gives a few pointers to Sora before going back home. Sora stops him and asks him about his dad….and Asuma reveals that Sora’s dad died for his own beliefs. Anyway episode ends nicely, Naruto and Sora competing in training, chucking their chakrad kunais into the trees.

Then we have the thieves attack another village!

Skip this episode, unnecessary really.