As a supporter of all mighty Lelouch, I’m glad that he owned Schneizel and his evil plans. The plan of countering FLEIA was very far fetched. Nina had figured out a way to counter it which required entering environmental data, which takes 19seconds, leaving the person entering 0.04 seconds to hit the enter button. So we’re watching Lelouch entering codes upon codes, then calling in Suzaku to destroy the FLEIA with a stick of some sort. Boom the FLEIA goes but with no big bang! Victory was Lelouch’s!!

Lelouch,Suzaku invaded Damocles in order to stop Schneizel. Gino became an obstacle for Suzaku to tackle whilst Lelouch attended to defeating Schneizel. Suzaku owned Gino but is left in firing range of Guren’s cannons. How will Suzaku’s Geass Effect work now?

Schneizel had his escape plan all figured out. Leave Damocles and then allowing Nunally to bring the FLEIA of death upon herself. Too bad, Lelouch had already sealed Schneizel’s plans. After Geassing his men, and also…Schneizel himself, Lelouch had ensured victory! Yay!

The last scenes of the episode were surprising. Lelouch confronted Nunally in person for the first time in so long. It’s all good since Nunally can’t see. She’s holding the trigger for FLEIA, but what we didn’t see coming were her blue shiny eyes!! The question is, will Lelouch take the easy way out?

I have this theory that Lelouch will Geass Nunally but it will turn out the way he Geassed Euphy, causing Nunally to launch FLEIA, blowing them up together. And also, Cornelia is alive but guess who’s back from the dead…GUILDFORD. HE DIED IN FLEIA. DIDN’T YOU SEE IT?!!?

Last episode next week. It’s going to be epic!