The awakening of Asura, the demon was a shock to everyone! Elka, who assisted in his awakening was shaking as a result of Asura’s madness. Black Star attempted to stop the already new born Asura, with his Soul Wave but did not compare to Asura’s flick of his skin, taking the conscience out of Black Star. Same for Death the Kid, sling the skin went, Death went down bleeding. Things were just getting worse as Asura finally took on his real form, then shooting straight up to the surfaces of Death City. Maka and Soul caught Asura’s tail skin in the nick of time!

Up on the surface of Death City, Blair and Mizune were still fighting it out on ‘who has the hottest bodies?’ Many men watching the gripping and intense, yet horny battle but the shaking of the ground paused it. A comical scene well delivered here! I really liked it! Pop Asura flew out of the ground, with so much speed and power, to strong for Maka’s strength to handle, letting go plunging into the ground.

Shinigami-sama was luckily ready to stop Asura from destroying the city, thanks to the 3D dimensional magic dissapating. It may have been the subs but Free said that his 3D dimensional magic lasts 40minutes. Funny becase we watched around 2hours of Soul Eater from when he casted it until this episode. Anyhow, Shinigami battled it out with Asura. Asura’s real face looks like Death the Kids! Furthermore, the reasoning behind Shinigami’s high and comical voice, as well as his harmless mask was a result of him creating the school. With his old mask, it scared away the little ones. So behind this mask and voice, was the hardcore SHINIGAMI!

Flashy battle between the two power giants. Shinigami seemed to have the upper hand from the beginning but as the black blood slowly worked upon  Asura, Shinigami,without a DeathSscythe was no match for Asura, allowing Asura to chip off a block of his mask. Asura then just ran away, leaving Death City in peace.

Back to Stein, he was happily smoking when Medusa(I thought she was dead!) took a final bite out of him before being ‘obliterated’ by Spirit. All the evil is out of Death City. Now it’s time for rebuilding!

What holds for Death City now? Medusa is still alive! More havoc can occur. Next episodes seems to be just a comic relief. Medusa arc over. New opening hopefully!