The world begins two crumble as the world’s two super powers collide together. Geass or FLEIA? The outcome of the battle will be decided in a weeks time but who will win? Will Schneizel, the Black Knights and FLEIA win? Or will the cunning and strategic Lelouch and ‘loyal’ Britannians win?

I’m all up to support Lelouch. This is because Schneizel killed off Cornelia, like in any movie with the BIG EVIL MAN (hey, let’s just get something that will appear out of the war to conveniently kill the person in front of me). More needless suffering? Furthermore, using FLEIA as a cheap method to win the war. What was worse was that he allowed Nunally to bear all the sins of using FLEIA, by allowing her to pull the trigger on the nuke.

So you might ask, why would I support Lelouch? Lelouch has done it tough! He’s had to go through the loss of his mother and Nunally. He’s had the most ecstatic relationship with his best friend Suzaku. Oh lets be enemies, OH now we’re friends!! He’s lost Shirley. He’s lost his one and onyl girlfriend Kallen, who wants to kill him. Combine with his leadership and strategy, he thoroughly deserves the win. He’s whipped so many miracles out of his ass, to save him from potential destruction. What says he he won’t pull one out this time? He’s got Nina to fight the sands of time. Nina’s a goody girl, trying to find a way to counter FLEIA. Purely, the deciding factor of this battle will be NINA. Can’t believe I’m saying this but she’s always been a bitch until now.

It was a pleasure to see this episode less retarded than the previous few. We’re finally seeing who stands on which side. Gino, loyal Britannian switches to the Black Knight side. Too bad Cornelia stood on the wrong side, ending in her death. What’s great is the creation of a second Lancelot Albion. The paintjob however is a shame. Pink and MORE PINK! Clearly suits C.C. We will see her in flight action hopefully.

Two more episodes to go. Let’s hope the series ends on a good note, NOT! Not with the retarded state the world is in 😀