An entertaining episode this week. I’m glad Stein regains his former craziness he lost since Episode 5. The madness makes 95% of his character. Medusa proves to be a match for Stein, the best meister in Shibusen. Stein swings madly to inflict a cut but Medusa drills his chest with her hand drill. Though receiving severe wounds, Stein attacked with his soulwave, creating a boom SoulForce. All was well as Medusa was taken out nearly, until she pulled out her trump card, her snake tail about to chop Stein’s head off like a guillotine when Stein pulls his stiches trick out of the hat again. This freezes all of Medusa’s nerves and muscles. She’s unable to do anything but Spirit and Stein must mantain the Soulwave to keep the restriction up. Dilemma this was as if Stein or Spirit let go, Stein’s head would go chop. Earthquakes shudder the whole of Shibusen. It was clear that Death,Kid and Maka had fail. This lulled Medusa into a false sense of security, creating the perfect opportunity for Stein to dissect her into half. Her death process was a bit over the top, with black blood arrows raining.

Elka and Free are about to implement the final plan of Shibusen’s destruction when Death comes storming in on his skateboard. He sees the black blood syringe Elka had brought, and starts shooting, but to be blocked by Free, allowing Elka to inject the blood into Asuka’s body bag. It was funny to see Death being tricked by an illusion, shooting Asuka but in reality, shooting in the air. Free and Elka were like…wtf?!

Good timing by Black Star, as he zooms past Free who’s busy fending off Death(Black Star and Death had a ‘mental’ chat about the illusions that could affect them{Lol it took about 1 second real time, 6seconds talk time}. Black Star was aware of the illusion created by the madness, commenting ‘My sixth sense sucks’), to stop Elka. Elka quickly concocts a tadpole bomb, hindering Black Star, but this didn’t stop Black Star from stopping her, switching to Fey Blade mode, and slicing the syringe Elka was so desperately trying to puncture the bag. All good! NOT!

Fail, as Black Star had been affected by the illusions, at the last crucial moment. He had completely destroyed the statues containing seals and what not. Not sure if Elka actually injected any black blood but fail was the only thing that could be felt. Shibusen is screwed!! As Asuka begins to come back to life, the earth shakes, red lightning, random portals appear out of no where. Asuka is taking shape within his body bag, ending the episode with an evil grin.

Next episode is going to be very promising. We will be able to see Shinigami-sama’s fighting abilities. We will see why he has become Shinigami. Everything in this plot arc is getting better and better. I had expected our heroes to succeed. More tense and suspenseful.