This episode was just as whacked as last weeks one. Lelouch as emperor, with Suzaku as his loyal knight, pretty much taking over the world, without anyone knowing. Lancelot Albion is put in action, owning all the rebelling knights. Suzaku, didn’t kill Gino but he killed Bismarck, who has a see into the future geass eye. How retarded! We only see him use it for a short time before Lelouch’s geass on Suzaku counters it. Though it seemed Lelouch was trying to democraticise the whole world, his intentions were still evil. I had trouble deciding if he was doing it for good or bad. If bad, he would’ve forgotten about Nunally’s wish etc. Lelouch tries to get Britannia accepted into the United Federation of Nations but a problem lay that since Britannia had the most population, Lelouch would execute all orders, which did not seem to please MANY people. Lelouch forces them to accept, calling armies to close into Japan, taking all leaders hostage. Here I thought, the end of the episode would happen but no. Schneizel contacts Lelouch all the way from Cambodia, after testing a FREIA, 100km in radius. Destructive! So Scheneizel has a nice chat with Lelouch, about leadership but then he goes ‘the most suitable emperor is this woman’ *points to Nunally* ‘Lelouch, and Suzaku, I am your enemy’!!! DRAMATIC MUSIC LOLOLOLOL I knew Nunally was alive all this time but to think how Schneizel got hold of her. What was more epic about this is Nunally is turning on her own brother and best friend. Like WHAT?!?! And the good thing is, Nunally can’t be affected by Lelouch’s Geass. Lelouch is in a huge mess now! He’s going emo next episode. Boo.

I wonder what Lelouch will do with Nina. Creator of all powerful FREIA! And yes, Kallen and Lelouch finally kiss, after A VERY LONG TIME(excuse me but I don’t recall another kissing unless it was around episode 6-7 in R2, when Lelouch was being emo).