A very exciting and a very scary episode of Soul Eater this week.

Maka and Soul move on after having a little bout with Ragnarok, who will be dealt with by Krona. Funny scene because Krona looked like she was about to get stripped since her dress was pulled =/. Death the Kid pursues Free and Elka. He was stunned and felt Asura’s madness before he dodges Free’s Demoneye cannon. It is here that Death and Free fight! Problem is Free is immortal, so Death tried to find a way to lose him, even using his Resonance, which had no impact at all. Death ended up dodging all Free’s attack until Black Star arrived with Tsubaki in Ninja Sword mode. With Death as backup, Black Star started to approach Free using Speed Mode, gaining alot of agility, forcing Free to dodge them eventhough he’s immortal. Death kinda stops the support, to realise why Free would dodge Blackstar and not him. BlackStar also placed a cut but there was no sound to it, leading to the conclusion Free was an image. Death just walks straight into Free and Free’s plan was foiled. Free was projecting his 3D magic while standing on Tadpole Jackson.Too bad for our heroes, they lost significant amounts of time.

Elka and Free arrive to the final room, where Asura is held. They open the gates to see many pylons with yellow seals.They walk further in. The focus falls on Elka who is scared shitless. She can feel something is wrong but can’t see it. Rainbow coloured Asura eye things. And then before we know it, Asura has taken apart Elka, by eating her. Fresh Meat! Free is not aware of this until ‘Elka’ screams. Free comes back to see what’s wrong, after peering under her hat, Asura comes to rip Free apart. Interesting that because Free is immortal yet it felt like he was dieing. IT WAS A LIE. Nothing happened, just the madness of Asura playing with their minds. Interesting though because at the end,Elka’s holding a point at her throat and Free’s has a guillotine restraint around his neck. This whole illusion thing reminds me of Genjutsu in Naruto. Anyway, they finally approach the skin bag Asura is contained in. Medusa’s final step in her plan is about to be executed. What are our heroes gonna do?!?!

Next episode seems to be a very promising one, one full of action! Stein up against Medusa. Hardcore battle from the preview we’ve seen. Not sure what will happen with Free and Elka, Death, Blackstar and Maka. Guess we’ll find out next episode.