An interesting episode this week. Naruto starts his Chakra Manipulation Training once again. I’m pleased he’s going to have an awesome jutsu soon. Naruto is given a task to cut a waterfall. Theoretically speaking, it should be very hard as water keeps coming down and down, making it harder, and it proves to be a challenge for Naruto, struggling on a very narrow waterfall with 9 clones assisting.  Once again, Yamato sits down with his ‘Sit’ kanji to control Naruto’s chakra, whilst Kakashi bludges reading ‘Icha Icha Paradise.’

Meanwhile, Pain has taken up the two tailed Jinchuuriki. Kakuzu and Hidan head towards the Fire Country, for what I thought was Sora. They arrive at the temple, Kakuzu punches with his iron fist, causing concern among the Fire Temple. Chiriku comes out to face the evil forces! On a bounty-list, his head is worth 30million Ryou. Quite alot of money, especially when you can easily defeat the person. So Chiriku take on the Akatsuki members, using a God with too many arms to pack punches against them. They couldn’t even touch them. In the end, we all knew it, Akatsuki was going to win the fight. The Fire Temple is left in ruins, all the monks including Chiriku are dead, all except one, who will warn Konoha of this incident. Yet again, we see Hidan doing the Seppuku ritual. It’s so scary =o

Naruto finds it hard to cut the waterfall. He whines a bit to Kakashi, who tells him about how he should be happy that he’s already skipped many years of training. Once he mentions Kakashi, Naruto gains a huge burst of motivation, quickly resuming training. Kakashi thought it was time to fatten the waterfall, asking Yamato to do so. Yamato kinda over did it, huffing and puffing after widening it. I can tell you, that waterfall is pretty huge now, Naruto wasn’t even capable of splitting the small waterfall. How long is it gonna take to do this one?

A little thing about the waterfall. Where does all the water come from? All we can see for the source of the waterfall is a tiny lake. There must be a hidden waterpump recycling the waterfall water!! There must be!

Next week we can look forward to Konoha sending out troops to combat Akatsuki, look forward to more training, find out about Sakura’s imba soldier pill. I know I said that I wouldn’t blog but there a void I have to fill. Blogging will be my freedom from study for the next week. ^^! Hope you enjoy reading. I felt this article has been one of the better articles written.