Overall, good episode. Focus at first goes to Kid who is still pursuing Elka and Free, when he encounters many tadpole bombs set up by Elka. His symmetry flaw yet again does him no good as he degrades himself at the sight of these bombs. Liz attempts to bring Kid back up but it is only when Patty does her ‘motivation’ that Kid gets out of his selfless trance and continues to pursue, using the explosions from the bombs to propel him forward.

Back to Krona and Maka. Maka has gone loony but it is the Evil Red Imp who’s doing the controlling. I thought the poses and stances they took were a bit extreme. Maka is within his ‘madness’ as she attempts to find Krona’s soul. Within Krona’s soul, her little self is isolated within a desert with nothing. She isolates herself even more by drawing a circle in the sand, symbolizing the fact she has no one to help, cheer her up, even with the sun drooping dead. Her personality splits in half,into a shadow, just to cheer her up. Clearly it shows Krona only has herself to depend on. We see her otherself asking her question about herself but sadly Krona decides to pass, showing a lack of self belief and self worth, probably the reason why at first we didn’t believe she was human at all. Maka finds Krona all alone within the desert, accompanies Krona, getting rid of the circle. This caused Krona to go on a hypo spaz as Krona can not stand the lack of isolation. Yes this seemed to somehow make Krona somewhat human. Confusing episode for me, this is all I could get out with the Krona and Maka bit. Now they are friends, 🙂

A good scene, with Blair fighting Mizune. Blair whipping some mouse face with her magic. It is only then when Mizune joins up to reveal her real self, that she can properly match Blair’s….BEAUTY!! Funny scene as the two witches compare their bodies, comparing boob size. Some harem on show for the supposed dead fish salesman to get horny about.

Some focus on Medusa, with Stein interrogating her about Krona and what she’s going to do with her. Medusa intends to throw away Krona, as she’s just a ‘fail test subject’ and the fact that she doesn’t need anything that will drag her back. With this said infront of a daughter loving parent, Spirit/Deathscythe goes on an emo fit, bursting into tears, hearing such fatherless/motherless love. Very emotional!! Pew pew, he goes up to Medusa but is repelled by arrows.

A cute ending to an interesting episode, with closing theme with an animation of Krona and Maka’s new found relationship. Next episode seems to be very promising, as the fighting will go up an extra notch. Blackstar fans will be happy to see him in action, the preview showed him to be so awesome. Serious BlackStar should be awesome.