This episode was HUGE!! Lelouch starts his invasion on the Tokyo Settlement by creating a diversion, XingKe taking lead of the diversion. Meanwhile that, Lelouch meets up with Suzaku at the Kurugi Temple. It was just them two, alone. They both got emotional which was very good ^^! Suzaku pretty much blamed Lelouch for everything. The death of Shirley, Euphy. Lelouch felt helpless, admitting everything. Lelouch lowers himself as he sits on the ground below the towering Suzaku! Lelouch begging Suzaku to help save Nunally, so Suzaku makes him do end the war so that he will save her. And yes this was bound to happen, both are caught talking together. Britannia have been keeping an eye on Suzaku and Lelouch gets captured. The sad part of this was that Suzaku had nothing to do with it. Lelouch falls into thinking Suzaku set him up. It’s so sad for such good friends to lose their friendship because of an outside forceT_T.

Lelouch confronts his brother Schneizel. Oh no! Disgusted that my own brother is Zero blah blah. He does want the best for Lelouch however.  Guildford releases Lelouch and Lelouch is able to carry on with his recapture of Tokyo. Geassing Guildford earlier, enabled Lelouch to manipulate Guildford into thinking Lelouch is Corneila (when doing this random action). Owned I say.And yea…operations still continuing on capturing the Tokyo Settlement.

Not much fighting but we get to see Knight of One and some other Knight in action. Knight of One is a freaking Lunatic. Opens one of the Black Knights Nightmareframes so that he can see the pilot, makes the pilot fear before drilling in his drill into the pilot. Evil Vampire!

And in some other news….the first 2 dvd’s for R2 are coming out 22nd August! Good news! From the advertisment, it comes with a whole load of extra, yes sucking you all in to buy it. Character Sketches, heck just buy it if you wanna find out!