I’m a bit late on the review of the second episode but here it is. Minato and Musubi are happily flying in the sky until they realise they need to get down, dropping down at high speeds! A spirit, probably another sekirei catches them and they fall into a tree. Yes they slowly fall down onto the ground. Minato with scrappy clothes but Musubi with her top pretty much gone.  The two meet the land lord of the housing estate the tree was on. Miya was the name I think. Miya gave them new clothes, cooked them some dinner, talked about renting to people, and immediately Minato asked if he could stay. OFC she said. This hotel style place reminds me of Love Hina!

So they are accepted to live at the ‘Izumo’ inn. Minato and Musubi go gather their things from the previous apartment. Minato’s sister walks in on their clean up, and figures why Minato horrendously failed his exams again. Lawl anyway, enough about the sister, they settled into their new accommodation. Miya suggested them taking a bath, Minato refusing instantly. Sad sad. Anyway, Musubi takes a bath. We see Musubi’s sekirei insignia, which is also recognised by a person already in the bath who also has one. As we know sekirei’s fight each other. So we ended up watching two naked girls fightning in the bath. There’s totally nothing wrong with that, when there’s steam covering up the bits and pieces.

Miya stopped them of course, with her evil scary ways! Purple aura is a no go zone! Minato has a dodgy dream during the night, about the spirit that ‘caught them.’ It seems a party are going to capture the spirit. So the spirit calls for help in Minato’s dream. And this leads us to the 3rd episode. Dodgy reviewing since I saw this episode 24hours ago. Tried to remember as much as possible ontop of my studying.

Funny episode. Highlights were Musubi putting a towel on before carrying on with her fight outside, following Minato’s ‘modesty’ rule. Also Musubi blurting out the fact that she is a combat type sekirei, with Minato remidnin her that there is a code of secracy. Lol.