Tonight was a big show, thanks to Rima who’s reentering the house with a mission.Shame she kinda ruined it when she informed the housemates she had one. Secret much?

Quite entertaining tonight. Housemates were awakened by Terrence’s calling and pot whacking. Only doing that so he could get some lemon, ginger and a cup.Bianca gave into Terrence’s request. Anyway, they returned the favour which was good. At 3am, Ben and Brigitte went to the Kombi, screamed and whacked a pot to AWAKEN them. Very good of them.

Rory’s been up Ben and Bianca’s relationship. He’s been edging them all week to cuddle up, and make something happen. I’d like to see something happen, as Cherry and Brigitte will never be! We’ve seen the relationship between Ben and Bianca grow. They’ve got arms over each, their heads on each others shoulders. What gives!

Brigitte still does the funny things in the house. Ben’s whinging about Big Brother being dog to him for making him clean windows and etc.  And then randomly, Brigitte digs into the hair wax and tastes, commenting that is was ‘nice.’ She goes in for another dip, then Big Brother goes ‘For health reason, please do not eat hair wax.’ I was hysterical when she just ate the hairwax.Gross and funny at the same time, knowing its Brigitte.

For passing the train task, which i found amazing. They remembered like 20-30 train numbers in order! Great effort housemates. There’s nothing better to do than remember train numbers all week. For their reward, BB shouted them a party, with alot of costumes, alot of music, and a pole.  Costumes were of great variety. Brigitte, dressed up as Marilyn Munroe, Terrence as Dracula, Terri as Cleopatra, Travis as Indian Jones(It totally suits him LOL) Rory as some greek warrior from gladiator, Ben as some jungle king, Cherry as a fireman, Alice the angel(how typical) and Bianca the nurse. Good party I thought. Well deserved too. Housemates showcased their pole dancing talents. Terrence was just horrible! But expected from an old bloke.

Evictions tonight. Was kinda close, Terrence, as expected. Great housemate,he provided alot of entertainment, especially with his lame jokes pissing the hell out of the housemates and even me =o.

That’s all really. I hope Rima stirs up some fun in the house. Knowing the kind of person she is, she probably won’t do it!  Pictures will come up in 2 days, because im capped. I’m even lucky I’m able to type this.