Long night yet again! Most of the daily show forgotten because its lack of fun and variety!

Rory teaches Travis the trade of brick laying! Using sand as the cementing medium, Travis attemps to be professional!  They were using the blocks of money as bricks, which I found amusing to use. Only if I had a house made of those $.$

Waiting for the train…for the week. A boring task many people do everyday. Today they waiting to go to the beach. Ben and Alice had an interesting ‘roleplaying’ situation where Ben was acting as Cherry. ‘Chicks are chicks’ ‘I’m just cruising’ I found that really funny to watch. Very amusing Ben!

Off to the henparty the ladies go…they are happily waiting, Brigitte bagging out Terri for not wearing a dress. Rory and Travis come out in workman clothes and strip down…well Rory had his gstring whereas Travis had ROry’s on his pants like superman. I laugh at Travis’s attempt at stripping. It was so fail.

I was surprised the housemates were playing ‘Have you ever.’ I’ve liked played this game once, and its quite cool 😀 THe housemates were saying ‘I’ve never had sex with slippers on’ ‘I’ve never did someone to an ex’s house.’ Really weird questions, maybe normal for their age…just too many sex questions in general. Terri having to eat so many peanuts since she did everything most housemates never had done. Terri is actually you know what =o Ben and Bianca getting closer. The couple IS GETTING IT ON 😀

Friday Night Live. Theme: Spy Night. To celebrate the new movie Get Smart, the winner of tonights game is able to invite 3 other housemates to watch the new MOVIE!! After seeing some previews, I really wanna see it 😀 Might go next weekend.

Anyway housemates. All dressed up as secret agents! Off they went! Terrence was out of the games, yet again. Last games probably! First game was Phone Shoe throwing. Teams of two. Girls vs Girls. Boys vs Boys. One was the dog, one was the agent. THe dog had to give the agent a shoe phone, which had to be thrown through doors that opened and closed. Team with most shoes thrown in advances. So Brigitte and Terri verse Alice and Brigitte. Terri was beasting it but Brigitte’s throwing was not up to Alice’s. Then come the boys’ turn…man it was dirty dog fighting! Cherry played dirty and hindered Travis from getting the shoe phones. Well we all knew that Travis was gonna lose that game but Cherry had to make it worse. T_T

Losers were given another chance, like always. The task was to dress up. Teams of two. One was the ‘model.’ The other was the ‘dresser.’ The Dresser had to put on a trench coat, moustache and hat onto the ‘model,’ however, the dresser had to put on the clothes with their mouth, and the model had their hands holding newspapers and a shoephone. Travis and Terri vs Brigitte and Rory. What was funny was when Travis went to put Terri’s moustache on and Terri slipped her tongue out for a pash. I don’t know if it was a genuine one, but you could see she wanted it. Anyway FNL hosts classified it as Travis’s first pash. Poor Travy! Anyway, Brigitte and Rory finished their job the fastest, getting back into the game.

Next game was Ticking Time Bomb Volleyball. Volleyball with baloons that had green goo in them. Rules are as simple as Volleyball. Rory Brigitte and Alice verse Cherry Ben and Bianca. Cherry tried to carry the team, but ended up making his team lose. They weren’t out yet..Cherry Ben and Bianca were given a second chance to get back into the games, by disarming a missile. Taking turns, they pulled out wires, the person who pulls out the wire disarming the missile gets back into the game. They had a funny rock off system to decide order. Bianca rocked off with Ben, Bianca winning and then Bianca rocked off with CHerry…Cherry won. Very systematic approach I say. Even the hosts were puzzled.

THe next game was the file mission. In teams of two, the agents had to go across a narrow ledge around a building, then speed through town collecting symbols for the code they had to remember from the beginning of the obstacle course, then to the safe where they had to put the symbols in order, to open the safe to get the secret file. Alice and Rory were first. They didn’t really go on the narrow ledge, jumping off onto the cars below…that’s what we saw…green screen effect!! First ever on FNL!!!! They got penalised 20seconds…EACH! So pretty much meant Brigitte and Cherry won. They did it properly, and won :D. I thought they would forget their code.

Last game was SNAP. As big hands, they played snap. This game was pretty funny. Cherry wins like two hands. Three hands to win FNL. So after Cherry wins two. Brigitte just jumps every time a card is put down. It looked really funny! I laughed my head off :D. Sadly, when she was recovering, Cherry snapped and won. Damn!

Cherry wins at last, after showing some very crappy attempts at trying to win! Well earned. And how characteristic of the him to win the deceptive and secret spy night games! He takes Bianca, Brigitte , Terrence to watch the movie. How nice 😀

Also, I cannot beat belive Nobbi lost to Bree Amer in the ‘Are you smarter than a Bree Amer’ game. Nobbi still creating laughs,as he thought it was a rhetorical question. 😀