The most powerless episode we’ve seen so far!

The eclipse determines whether or not powers are activated or not. This reminds me of transgenic pigs, which need zinc to gain epic weight gaining powers. This could explain how Peter could regain his power. The eclipse won’t be back for a while…or will it.

Daphne is now no longer the ‘speedster.’ We see the real Daphne. Disabled! The power made her legs strong, quick and what not. And hurray for Clare getting shot, and feeling pain.

Too much love in this episode. Sylar + Elle = Dead Sylar. HRG ready to snipe down Sylar. What a coincidence, to mindless kiss someone, allowing yourself to get shot.Then Matt’s love confession to Daphne. No powers = Need love scenes.

Hiro was the highlight of the episode yet again xD.