There’s the time when you’re in school and you have to study to the max. Time to enter nerding world for 2weeks.

All the notes,textbooks,paper, etc that I will be using to study for my subjects. Enticing right?

I will now go through every stack, one per subject.

Pretty hectic right?!?! And that’s just for Japanese. A bit excessive I guess but I have around 100 speaking question/answers to be memorised ready to blurt out in the speaking exam or the writing exam. 🙂

Lovely maths. Lots of practice questions and past papers to go through. Still a very high stack.

Luckily Chemistry isn’t as high as Maths and Japanese. An extra textbook could’ve been there but previous grade haven’t returned theirs so we get older textbook, the pathways one. Notice mum’s drawing in the background. She’s now in artist mode. Should’ve been ages ago. Could’ve done been somewhat success because her artistic abilities =p

English…isn’t that huge. Just my folder underneath just to make english feel loved. Folder has notes on all subjects.Yes…maybe I’ll just memorise my essay for english. That’s what everyone does anyway =/

So from these stacks, it’s clear to see my subjects in order of liking/preference.

There’s the exam timetable for you people who are interested. Jam Packed with exams! Max 2 exams on a day. Luckily no Jap Extension or else I’d be bombarded with 2 more exams!! Argh Exams suck!

I will no longer be in my room (except when I break :D) nor will I be blogging (except when I break 😀 but don’t count on me to blog anything big). Holy crap. Oh well. Final Year of school, better make the most of it now, or else I’ll regret it. Cya guys. Thanks for reading this lame post. Wish me luck!