Yay Soul Eater for another week ;D

Quick sum up. Medusa’s plans are revealed even more! What she’s planning will reveal the Witch Mass to Shibusen if she fails… only the Froggy and Mice witch know what she’s up to, so they try to stop her. We finally find out who that red demon is in the opening. Stein teaches Blackstar the way to equip Tsubaki’s feyblade! Whilst Maka….finds out what she lacks so that Stein can teach her. Medusa owns the mice witch but leaves the Frog witch to unlock someone from the witch prison in cell 13…seems really bad doesn’t it? Don’t know how this person is related to her research on Soul, but we will see soon enough.

Blackstar putting his finger in the pot was funny. Facial expressions were classic for someone like Blackstar. Then we have the accidental flash of Blair when she asks if anyone wants to bath with her..sadly enough, not any action scenes, apart from the witches fighting each other, eventhough Medusa was kinda cheating. Medusa is one pro witch, can stay in her ‘Soul Protect’ spell as well as fight.

I’m glad next episode will have fighting with two of the pairs, Not sure about Death the Kid…