Well, the one hour daily show was indeed much fun to watch.

Dixie and Alice Boys

For the past week, the housemates have been paired up to dance routines for this weeks task. If they pass this week’s task, they win good food..and lots of it. Last week, they absolutely failed their cricket task. So I was hoping they would pass.

To judge them for the task, they had Jason Coleman and Matt Lee from SYTYCD. Fun Fun. After each performance, they commented about each couples performance. Alot of their comments were really cheesy T_T.


Bianca and Ben

Anyway first on the block were Bianca and Ben. This week they have been practising the tango. They went pretty well with their routine. Bianca was pretty determined, so she put on some dancing face, which got criticised by Matt for being ‘stunned.’ Ben looked really funny in his costume. With the frills, he looked pretty…funny. The funniest part of their routine was when Ben got the rose between Bianca’s legs. It just was funny seeing Ben doing it. Anyway, the judges said they were good.

Dixie and Alice

Next couple was Alice and Dixie, and for the week, they have been practising their hip hop routine, which comprised of the worm! I was really expecting them to fail their routine, but it turns it they didn’t =[. Dixie had a little chat to BB this week about embarassing all the Aboriginess, and black people because she can’t dance. She thinks dancing is stupid, but BB reassures her that its about fun. Luckily during the performance, she had fun! So did Alice! They got the worm during the performance eventhough it wasn’t the best. I still loved Nobbi and his impersonation of Dixie’s worm. Nobbi did a fail worm and then says ‘I love Dixie’ then turns around and goes ‘I hate Dixie.’ So funny!


Somewhere in that video, there is Nobbi with his worm.

David and Terri

Next group was David and Terri. This week they practised their German Slap Dance Routine. It was entertaining i guess because i’ve never seen such a weird, and childish dance you would normally do in like Year 1 at school. The dance was funny when Terri showed her ass and slapped it infront of all the housemates. So hilarious.

Next was Renee and Nathan OO. This week, they were practising theri waltz routine. They had many complications during their rehearsals. Renee couldn’t stop laught when she looked at Nate’s face. And then she couldn’t put her hand on his face when she had to do turn into him, so then she goes to Dixie and asks her how to do. Renee’s awesome! And boy she looked different in her costume. Their waltz went nicely, Nate did well with his lifts. What i found funny about the routine was that Renee laughed the whole way through.


Now for Brigitte and Travis. Boy they had a tough week together. Brigitte was pretty whacked this week. By the end of the week, Brigitte got really pissed at Travis, and this is because ‘our personalities crash.’ Brigitte got pissed at Travis for not doing the steps correctly. Then she got pissed by the fact that he uses certain catchphrases and that he is too possimistic. Their routine was fabulous! I reckon they were the best of the night, and so did the judges. Travis outdanced Brigitte, pointed out by both judges.

Last couple was Rory and Nobbi. They had the honours of doing boy band. Their routine was pretty funny to watch. I laughed throughout it. They had gay moves, the whole lot. Nobbi was always into it.

And result of their task.Pass! I already knew it by watching earlier today. They had stacks of food. And good food might i add. They had Tim Tams, lots of dips, Dorritos, Soft Drink, Corn Flakes, Weet Bix. Now they wont die of bad food yay.

Dixie, the housemate hit with the grenade this week had to do laundry service for everyhouse mate. She’s suffered backpain from doing it so she goes to Big Brother and says she doesn’t wanna do it. She even brings up that each of her boobs weight 4.3kg. Thats pretty heavy! I wonder how much Bianca’s weigh then. So they say heavy boobs give you back pain.


Also, Nobbi Rory and Ben had fun with Terri’s talcum powder. First they used it on Renee. And then they put it on poor Brigitte, who says “I’ve just been Tabued!” Pretty funny. Nobbi laughs like a Hyena

Top quote of the week is from Brigitte. ‘Are breadcrumbs made of bread?’ It really makes me wonder, how did she beat Travis in an intelligence contest.

Now I’ve forgotten about everything else on the daily show today so I’ll skip to evictions 🙂

Made Up Travis Rollers

Tonight was a shocker, double eviction! I didn’t even know until like 30mins before it! Dixie had predicted it. Terri had rollers in her hair, looking like a tool. Travis was looking good with his make up, being forced to put it on after being dubbed ‘Dumbest Housemate.’ Beaten by Brigitte, who probably should’ve won that title. While chatting to the house, Kyle broke it to Nate that he was dogging Renee. Nate was really confused!

Then Kyle and Jackie showed footage of Nathan talking about his relationships with Renee and when he talks to hair with some lie detector bar on the bottom. Apparently he lies ALOT, but who knows. It could be wrong, as Kyle said they got it from the Israeli Government. That’s why we should trust it!

Bottom 3

Bottom three at first were David, Nathan and Alice. Alice with her powers from winning FNL saved herself, putting Rory into the bottom three. Now it was time for people to vote! I had predicted David and Nathan to go. Rory seems to be liked in the house. Dixie was first to give her points out. She had the worst reasons on the show ever. ‘I nominate Nate. Because he has a shiny head and it hurts me when he sits in front of me and the sun is glaring on it..’ ‘I nominate to evict Rory because he leaves his stuff everywhere in the locker, he showers naked and he doesn’t know anything about rugby league.’Funny. Bianca had funny reasoning too. ‘For one point I nominate Nate. He is possibly the nicest person I’ve ever met but he takes up a lot of Renee’s time, I haven’t spent much time with her and he’s probably the person closest to her. I’m going to be selfish and say I want Renee back. .’

Bye bye?


Renee was hit hard by this eviction because David and Rory were her bed buddies while we have the Nathan, the potential boyfriend. She was crying, because they were her ‘boys’ =[ Nobbi had it hard, for the second time. All of them were his mates. In the end, they have to vote. Renee gave no points to Nate, as expected.


Nate was first to go. Before the doors closed on him, he was like ‘who wants a grenade?’ Nate was confronted about his relationship Renee. Nate is so weird! Virgin yet still flirting and stuff. I reckon Nate and Renee will still hook up when BB is all over..somehow.


Then David was next to go. I always thought David was being fake in the house, but he admits that it is who he is. So I respect that.

Ok that’s about it! There should be new Twister Diaries up to watch. My guess for who’s to go next week will probably be Bianca. I don’t want her to go but she’s kinda hated in the house for being a bit too opinionated. Meh.