Carlo West

Well, the news slowly came to me as I walked to school today. I left the house around 8:40am, was going to walk through Carlingford West Public School before being told that the gates were closed and I had to find another way through. This was really ridiculous at first. I was puzzled as to why the gates were closed.

Year K-2 Classrooms

I had a few suspicions, as I walked the long way to school. It wasn’t me who was affected by this gate closure, students from the nearby school also had to walk around. On Pennant Hills Road, I saw 3 Police Vehicles going towards my place, probably towards the school. So i was suspecting there was some murder and shooting at the school. Then I heard some noise, the ones you hear from the Fire Brigade or an Ambulance. It took a while for the Firebrigade to pass me. So then for sure it was a fire. Walked Walked more. Then at the roundabout, the fire brigade was at the school. Fire!

In the history of the school, or at least for I was still a student there, there had been a fire that burnt down the O.O.S.H Afterschool Care Centre. Then there had been a fire that burn down two demountables. One of those was my Year 2 class room. As I was walking back from school today, luckily Carlingford West wasn’t off limits so i could walk through the school. This time round, the fire affected the Infant Classrooms, that belong to Kindergarten to Year 2. The block of classrooms are kind of in a C shape. The middle classroom was completely gone, while the classrooms on the side of it pretty heavily damaged. That was pretty much all i could see. So that fire took out my Kindergarten and Year 1 Classroom.


So in total, damage is estimated to be around $1million. That’s a pretty huge. The school just built their hall, so lucky their hall wasn’t burnt down. At school, and on the way home, lots of burnt debris was lying aroundl. Tried to pick some black paper but it just broke when I picked it up.

It’s a shame that the school keeps having all these misfortune. Well I’m guessing the cause of the fire was probably some arsonist. Like it has been twice already. Well, Carlingford West will be having a Fete sometime in Saturday, so, support their fete! Help them rebuild their classrooms!

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