Normally do my daily stuff, checking up D-Addict Torrents for anything interesting and this show came up.脱出デロ

Short description. It’s basically a game show where the contestants (models,comedians,actors) are locked in a room and must escape from it by doing various tasks, such as identifying hidden object in a picture, using word clues to find a key etc.   There are three stages per show however, the third stage is most epic. Anyway, from the ones I’ve seen so far, floors have been removed, the ceiling falling down, room being filled with water. No subs but if you can understand and somewhat read, it is a good watch.


Long time no blog. Sorry to those who were eagerly waiting for my next exciting blog.

Today I did RSA(Responsible Service of Alcohol) training with Christine with Infront Staffing. Google them if you want cheap $55 RSA training. Our trainer had lot of experience dealing with alcohol. Having been a bar server and police officer dealing with alcohol problems on a daily basis, provided insight into the types of behaviour and silly things people do. Training was much enjoyable. Course was supplemented well with videos which enhanced the learning experience alot. After completing the open book ‘test’, received our certificates.

Afterwards, we went into the shop next door, Marayu. They had $2.5 shop on the top floor so we spent a bit of time searching and picking out things we wanted to buy. Above is my loot. Soap Dispenser which my sister suggested that I put moisturiser in. A Microfibre  cloth. A cord tube to keep computer wires and cords in order. And Black pens. All up $10 in total. I’d consider paying this place a visit. Ground floor was the grocery level with the usual Japanese imported food,drinks and ingredients. Considering grabbing some of the powdered curry next time I visit. I still need to try Japanese Curry :(.

After we split ways, I went to Kendo training after around 2 weeks of inactivity. Training wasn’t too intense so it wouldn’t cause too much distress to our temporarily weakened bodies.

All in all, a productive day. I need some sleep.

See you guys soon. Will blog more since this week(should I say this week!) is jam packed with fun.


Finally I’m in one of these. Was training in shirt and short for the first half of training, then changed into the uniform (with a bit of complication but someone helped me out). Gave me alot more freedom mainly in the bottom half. Very COOL to wear (see what i did there?). Yet to get my Shinai and Bogu but won’t be a while until I actually get them because lugging them.

I guess I will go and learn how to actually fold it up because its just hanging on a hook at the moment.

After so many Men and Sayu Men Cuts in the first 30minutes of training, my shinai decided to dig a blister into my palm. There’s also a tiny one on the anterior distal end of the 5th Metacarpal. Yea I’m so technical with my terms now. And I have a big one the bottom of my foot near my toe(We haven’t learnt about Tarsal or Metatarsals so I can’t really enlighten you with any fancy jargon). ‘The more pain you are in, the harder you are training’ is what the Senpais say. I hope its true =o

The only other time I can recall having nasty blisters was after iceskating. You’re supposed to get them anyway.

Had any blisters in any unusual spots? I reckon the one at the bottom of  my foot is.

And I’m excited about getting uniform. Will show you a picture of me in it 🙂

Well, Maizone actually started yesterday but today was everyone’s first day using the system.  Mixed reactions to the new ticketing system. Search maizone on twitter and you’ll see.

Well today I was able to use a MaiBus ticket on the bus from uni to the station, but alot of people were using the new tickets, it took longer than the usual, $1 to driver, spam print tickets. After checking your ticket or in my case marking on the ticket, they have to print off an extra ticket. Despite the changes, some people were still oblivious to the fact that they could use a maibus ticket for the bus now. Saving 20cents a ride is awesome wooo.

And the train tickets are ridiculously red.

I have never seen the Monday Mornings at any train stations before so I’d like to know what happened this morning.

So is it a maifail? Give it a week before deciding.

Wonder how much more exciting work will be with these new tickets.

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