Long time no blog. Sorry to those who were eagerly waiting for my next exciting blog.

Today I did RSA(Responsible Service of Alcohol) training with Christine with Infront Staffing. Google them if you want cheap $55 RSA training. Our trainer had lot of experience dealing with alcohol. Having been a bar server and police officer dealing with alcohol problems on a daily basis, provided insight into the types of behaviour and silly things people do. Training was much enjoyable. Course was supplemented well with videos which enhanced the learning experience alot. After completing the open book ‘test’, received our certificates.

Afterwards, we went into the shop next door, Marayu. They had $2.5 shop on the top floor so we spent a bit of time searching and picking out things we wanted to buy. Above is my loot. Soap Dispenser which my sister suggested that I put moisturiser in. A Microfibre  cloth. A cord tube to keep computer wires and cords in order. And Black pens. All up $10 in total. I’d consider paying this place a visit. Ground floor was the grocery level with the usual Japanese imported food,drinks and ingredients. Considering grabbing some of the powdered curry next time I visit. I still need to try Japanese Curry :(.

After we split ways, I went to Kendo training after around 2 weeks of inactivity. Training wasn’t too intense so it wouldn’t cause too much distress to our temporarily weakened bodies.

All in all, a productive day. I need some sleep.

See you guys soon. Will blog more since this week(should I say this week!) is jam packed with fun.