After so many Men and Sayu Men Cuts in the first 30minutes of training, my shinai decided to dig a blister into my palm. There’s also a tiny one on the anterior distal end of the 5th Metacarpal. Yea I’m so technical with my terms now. And I have a big one the bottom of my foot near my toe(We haven’t learnt about Tarsal or Metatarsals so I can’t really enlighten you with any fancy jargon). ‘The more pain you are in, the harder you are training’ is what the Senpais say. I hope its true =o

The only other time I can recall having nasty blisters was after iceskating. You’re supposed to get them anyway.

Had any blisters in any unusual spots? I reckon the one at the bottom of  my foot is.

And I’m excited about getting uniform. Will show you a picture of me in it 🙂