Well, Maizone actually started yesterday but today was everyone’s first day using the system.  Mixed reactions to the new ticketing system. Search maizone on twitter and you’ll see.

Well today I was able to use a MaiBus ticket on the bus from uni to the station, but alot of people were using the new tickets, it took longer than the usual, $1 to driver, spam print tickets. After checking your ticket or in my case marking on the ticket, they have to print off an extra ticket. Despite the changes, some people were still oblivious to the fact that they could use a maibus ticket for the bus now. Saving 20cents a ride is awesome wooo.

And the train tickets are ridiculously red.

I have never seen the Monday Mornings at any train stations before so I’d like to know what happened this morning.

So is it a maifail? Give it a week before deciding.

Wonder how much more exciting work will be with these new tickets.