Came back home after my anatomy lab practical (which is the highlight of the week no doubt at all) to see a few packages for ME! The books I ordered from bookdepositery late Wednesday Night came together, and so did my All Round Excellence Medal. Haven’t got any special medals or trophies since I got a Ruse Bronze Award, so its somewhat a good confidence booster in a way. I’m glad the letters and award weren’t addressed from former Premier Nathan Rees., but Kristina Keneally. Bummer they don’t give trophies out for these anymore. The medals fail in comparison with them.

Today in the lab practical, I had a fiddle with the Knee, Pelvis, Foot, Hands, and the main focus being the Glenoid Humeral Joint, Acromio Clavicular and Sterno Clavicular Joints and the attached ligaments which were so hard to find under bits of muscle. Even after wearing gloves, my hands still smell of the chemical they use to preserve the specimens.  Was talking to a Second Year Physio and he said that we don’t get labs in Second Year. That makes me sad 😦

And if anyone is free tomorrow between 11-1, let’s go for lunch?