Disorientated was the state I was in before I bought the blue binder folder in the morning. Cannot possibly be organised without one or else you’ll spend forever finding the lecture notes you want. And speaking of lecture notes, I will be wanted for  killing so many trees in the coming years to come. Look at how fat my folder is now.

In a way, I’m still disorientated in that I’m not getting ahead of the work. I’ve got lots of Health Sociology Readings to do, learn a gazillion functions of bone bumps and so much more thats just going to keep piling on top of me . To analogise this, I’ve felt that we’ve learnt a terms of high school work in 2 lectures.  This is when I regret wasting so many hours during the first week doing nothing! Hopefully after I get my textbooks for Anatomy and Body Systems, will I be able to return into state of total control.

Tomorrow is our laboratory practical on the organ that keeps you alive, the heart. I’m so excited.