Friday is my day off university and I use it to sleep in, gain extra 2-3sleep hours. Quentin came over and dumped all his Japanese Beginner Notes and let me scab a few jdramas from a massive stack of dvds he got from his jdrama fanatic friend. Afterwards, went to Carlo Court to put tutoring ad for Jap but for some strange reason they didn’t allow me because they have some language school and that I would somehow steal 100% of their business. AND ALSO, WHEN DID THEY HAVE A LANGUAGE SCHOOL IN CARLO COURT?!?! What the hell, but my fault for not being aggressive enough and challenge because I could’ve probably won the battle cause the customer service desk lady wasn’t even sure if I could put it up and ask two other people from the centre who were like, YES ITS FINE and then decided to call a high up or something.  Carlo Village noticeboard will have to do.  After such disapointment,  headed off to Eastwood to a Cafe where Quentin ordered ‘avagadro’ and a ‘panininininini’ and I had a cappucino waiting for Borbor. Then we decided to wait till 2 so we could have ‘cheap’ afternoon meals.  Cheryl sat table next to us but completely barred us (after the greetings)even with Borbor calling her. Then we split ways, trained to Redfern and walked through the not so scary streets to USyd. Met up with Timmy and trekked our way to HK Ward Gym.

Been two years since I did Kendo. Remembered and Forgot certain things but they came back to me pretty quick. Substantial numbers because it was the start of the beginner course. Quite a number of seniors, around 10, with a few junior members. Timmy and I have a long way on our Kendo Journey. Will we get past the ‘drop out stage’? Something like 80% of people who do kendo end up dropping out. If you ever wanna see me at main campus, I’ll walk past the junk of metal near the Law Building around 3:30-3:45, hoping to see someone! And if you’re interested, come and do Kendo with us, 4-6 Friday HK Ward Gym. Its free for the next few weeks so try it out for yourself.

Little bit about the photo, what bk201 is holding and whats behind him is the envelope opener I bought in Japan back in 2007. Getting more envelopes these days so its actually quite handy.