Today was the most interesting day I’ve had at university. Put on my pristine lab coat (turns pink in certain lights) and walked into the anatomy laboratories . The laboratory had the same feel as a morgue in TV and films. As we split into our groups, walked past exposed dead arms, no squirmish feelings. Tutor showed us the ones in our designated area, showing veins, arteries, nerves and tendons. It still had fingernails  and skin on the hand. Then we were basically revising we did on the lectures, except hands on, which helped immensely. Epicondyles, Trochlea, Capitulum, Bicipital Groove, Anatomical Head, Glenoid Fossa, Greater and Lesser Tubercle, Coracoid Process, Acromion Process , Sternal End, Trapazoid Line and the names go on. Had trouble identifying certain parts but got there in the end. Also had X-rays to enforce features of the ______,_________ and ______ .(Fill em in Med Students =p) Can’t wait for the next practical. Next one is Tuesday and it would seem we will be playing with hearts. Would seem no one fainted at the sight of the dead arm. Those rumours of people fainting is a lie.

Coming out of the station with Gabriel, was saying how we would never bump into Ruse people. Moment laters walking to bus stop, we see SY doing her maths homework. That was cool, then on the bus, Jason Caw(I think thats how you spell it)  from the grade above caught the same bus home. Talked about both our grades, our respective courses. He’s UWS Meding with Leegan,Anna,Honing, Adrian and Julie. I find it cool that we’re both on the same level when it comes to Functional Muscoskeletal Anatomy. I’m glad I didn’t get my mum to pick me up from Parra :).

You all know of Red Cream Soda, but maybe not Brown Cream Soda? Well Gabe introduced it to me, so I went and bought one after our bio-mechanic lecture which we were thinking of wagging (we should’ve). Similar taste with the normal Red Cream Soda with a hint of Vanilla Coke Flavour. Should try it.