Everyone knows about ARC and Access(not as much I hope) and how they are huge rip-offs. But no one knows how awesome Campus Rewards is, except us Cumbo(be reminded Cumbo=Cumberland Campus, NOT CUMBERLAND HIGH SCHOOL). Though $199 is a hefty price to pay for membership, there are MANY USEFUL VOUCHERS. Our membership is activated on the student card and we get 16%+  off everything at campus. On the morning for Orientation Day, I got myself a cappacino and saved a whopping 30 cents. I’m totally on my way to claiming back my $199. Then comes the vouchers which all come in the handy Little Red Book bk201 is so excited about. These include $100 voucher to use at the Campus Book Store (which is basically a Newsagent overloaded with Health Science Textbooks and a random Candy Bar), $15 dollars off lab coat,$50 off semester gem membership,$40 off CPR Course, and 2 weekly vouchers to use at the food outlets on campus. And not only that, we get to play on the tennis court and basketball courts for free, which normally  something like $10 per hour for hire. And with every purchase, we gain points on our cards much like Fly Buys to redeem freebies. Reading that Campus Rewards is  ‘Australia’s leading student discount and loyalty program,’ I can see some truth in that statement. They say that its best to chip in for a membership to reap the benefits. We’ll probably do that next year.

So as awesome Campus Rewards members, we played basketball after our early 8am Body Systems Lecture on the Heart. Met and played with a few second years. And then got back home at 11 and have been doing everything but study. Totally the wrong approach towards university studies but hey, enjoy the first week before we get bogged down with too much information( 206 bones, 1000s of ligaments and it goes on).