My sister did a big dump.

Reality- My mum bought a 2L Peter’s Chocolate Ice cream Tub a few weeks ago, hoping we’d actually eat it. I did not even have a spoon of it. My brother probably had 1-2bowls of it before calling quits on it. The abandoned chocolate icecream tub…my dad gets the honour of chucking it into the toilet, and in Canto, announces to everyone in the house ‘I’ve never seen a shit so huge.’ At the time, I thought someone didn’t flush the toilet. He kept going on about it, I ignored it whilst I was doing my things. Then I walk into the toilet when I really needed to pee, and I see this piece of crap. Immediately went to the other toilet. It’s been around 3-4days since the incident, and the chocolate stains are still sticking to the bottom of the bowl. I wonder how many more flushes it’ll take to completely remove the chocolate.

And I forgot to mention in my most recent status update that we got a kitten. Her name is Tigger, and she has been getting quite alot of action with Barney lately. Rabbats?!?