Sorry for the lack of updates on the blog. I’ve kinda left the blogosphere for the past month or so, haven’t been reading anyone’s blogs, except for a special few. I’ll get you up to speed on what I’ve been doing, and what I intend to do in the next few months before university starts.

What I’ve been doing

1.Playing too much dota.

2.Daily 30minute jog around Kingsdene Oval. Jog for however long I can, which is normally around 15minutes, peaked at 16minutes. Then I walk around the oval for the rest of the time. Also do the occasional sprint round, makes me feel fast D: Today instead of walking around the oval, decided to walk around the neighbourhood. Found a neat shortcut which I never knew there was, and saw an epic looking house. Jogging routine means that I cannot put on weight, but will possibly lose, because I don’t eat that much.

3. Watching TV Shows/Anime. Between Chemistry and Jap Extension Exams, I fast tracked FMA from episode 11 all the way to episode 29. I’m nearly up to date with BONES, only a few episodes behind. Damn bandwidth won’t allow me to go any faster. Still keeping up with DTB2 and Heroes. Current Heroes season is better than the previous but not much.

4. Learning to Drive. Day after Jap Extension, had a driving lesson, driving around the quiet streets of Oatlands. Then the next lesson was driving to Lidcombe and back. Then parents have been supervising me driving me to various places. Drove to James’ place, which was easy enough, straight road basically from Homebush.  Driven to Bella Vista and Macquarie. Today, turning off from Pennant Hills Road, was going too fast, didn’t turn enough, stopped in front of the curb on Westminister Ave, with the back of the car jutting onto Pennant Hills Road. I caused a scene. 🙂 Currently on 7hours of driving experience. Learnt 3point turn today, can’t park

5. Neopets. Yeah, call me sad. Mainly trophy whoring, and watching my stocks go up, and making easy neopoints. I’m _bk201, if you want to add me, or whatever.

6. Timing. Yea, you heard me timing. Got myself acquainted with AegisSub, timing PV’s. Joined EXsub, a fan subgroup which subs TV shows with EXILE appearances. Did a timing trial, did alright so I’m going to be doing short videos(8-10minutes). Subbing TV shows is a bitch. People talking over each other, harder than anime. But really, after you learn hotkeys and the basics of timing, it’s simple. Just practice and you’ll be pro in no time. Will be practising on drama shows. Nothing timing related but, EXILE> ARASHI on Oricon(for now at least)wahahaha.

7. Collecting Japanese Magazines and Newspapers to read. When I find an opportunity, I will scab. After Jap Extension, bought EXILE Gekkan, for a ridiculous 25dollars, when in Japan its only 700 yen. Makes me sad. Though I could actually buy more with my 20 dollar book voucher. Oh well. In the next few weeks, will be whoring dictionaries to understand everything in an article.

8.Cooking. Started making Japanese Custard Pudding, otherwise known as Custard Purin. Made them three times. Caramel has been the hardest part for me to make. I always stuff it up, by burning it, or making it too runny. Going to cook some more, probably more desserts. We should have some huge cooking party at someone’s place.

9.Meeting up with friends. Had a bunch of you guys crash my place. Great fun. 5-6 days ago, lanning with Ed, Meelo and endrunn3r(lol) then ate at JuJu for awesome food. Highlight was Sukiyaki, yet again, and the Karraage, it was so juicy. Then 2-3days ago, James’ place, where we became Jungle Sped. I was determined to avoid the humiliation of Pink Nailpolish, but fatigue got the better of me when I ignored the colour card. And you should never play Bartog, it’s lame.

10. Applying for jobs. I’ve applied to KMart, Coles, Woolies, BigW, Myer , David Jones, and to my disappoint, no job opportunities. So for the mean time, I’ve volunteered to sell ribbons on World AIDS Day on the 1st December.

What I intend to do

1. Read 五体不満足 No one’s perfect, as well as the rest of my Japanese things I’ve collected over the years.

2. Apply for more jobs, and at last resort, tutoring. I want moneys to spend D:

3.Start my DTB database.

4. Chinese Calligraphy.

5. Learn Chinese+Japanese.

6. Watch New Moon so I can laugh and diss it infront of the teenage girls watching. It’s really bad according to my brother.

7. Weights- Need to buff up some D: Doing weights whilst waiting for the traffic light to chance does nothing James =p.

8. Update this place regularly, and read your blogs. Sorry for the neglect D:

9. Play Borderlands and Dragonage when my brother is not in the house. Damn wooden computer !!

I’m free for time being, so if you wanna go out, bring me along.