I’ve previously (quite discretely)hinted  that I was going to do a Darker than BLACK database. In a nutshell, it will be the place to get all DTB information. When HSC is over, I’ll slowly compile character information, episode summaries and any related material.

Who has seen the premiere of DTB2? I’m surprised how quickly it was subbed. Two years ago,when DTB started,  I would wait weeks for a sub, ending up watching the RAW weeks before the subbed version.

CM to tempt you into watching even though you may be studying very hard.

Great start to a second season. New characters, new powers, and new payments. Tanya, able to command locusts at will, payment, ripping some of her hair off. . Goran, super-speed, payment, eating hamburgers, now who wouldn’t like that one! And Shion, power, unknown(but my guess, a spirit transformation, would explain his disappearance and his ‘telepathic’ communication with Suou), and payment,  living confined to a wheelchair).  So many more contractors and dolls to meet.

So bad-ass, I like it, though to people, portrays Hei as a baddy.

And it looks like we’ve got our November 11 replacement for this series, August 7th. More commonly known as the Magician, contract details currently unknown. Speculating time…his payment has definitely got to be, doing magic tricks. Power wise, AVADA KEDAVRA(jokes). According to the character profiles on the DTB2 site, magic is his weapon. What will he conjure for us =o

And, it is a 5day wait to the next episode T_T

Just more info. Mina Hazuki, the woman wearing the mouth guard/mask in the episode preview is a contractor. She is able to transform any object into a white katana. And her payment, from what I can translate from, is having a slutty sexy mood swing. Sounds wrong lol

Check out the DTB2 Site, while you wait 😀