Was hoping to get some new sunglasses today, in particular POLICE (HINT James, if you didn’t  look POLICE the other day).  I got sucked into the whole, celebrity advertisement tactic.

Previous POLICE Advertisers(Can’t get the right word here,endorse?!?) include George Clooney and Beckham. Atsushi from Exile became the first Japanese person to become an image Character (イメージキャラクタ-as the Japanese would say), for POLICE last year.   But disappointment, only one pair of POLICE and wasn’t right for me. I like the S8095. New stock at the end of October so I’ll be sure to go back again after HSC.

For Aditi and anyone who wants to watch. Watch him take off his shades, and you’ll see why he wears thems.

And here is what I know, most of you have been waiting for, the Ramen. We went to Ryo’s Noodles at Crows Nest, which is only a walk away from Paradoxe, where we had French Cuisine. Whenever we passed Ryo’s, people would always be lining up outside, and hence must be good food.

Ranked Number One was the typical Tonkotsu. $13.50. What else do I say other than yum. And since I only at a Curry Puff and Vietnamese Roll at the Luncheon, I went for a $3.00替玉 (かえだま-Kaedama) another serve of noodles using the soup in your bowl.  The pork stock soup base just hit the spot  for me. Not too salty.

But what I appreciated the most about the restaurant, was how authentic the experience was. In Japan, crappy looking restaurants most of the time taste the best, and here is no exception. Insidelooks run down, walls covered with their menu. Inside probably  fit 20 people max at one time, so if you don’t want to line up, get in quick.

It was nice being able to read some of the menu off the wall.

長崎ちゃんぽん-Nagasaki Champon – Seen Champon on an episode of 満天青空レストラン, a show where they just go places in Japan and have the best cuisine.

五目つけめん- Tsukemen- Dip noodles


焼飯-Yakimeshi or Fried Rice

特製しょうゆラーメン-Special Shoyu Ramen

If you notice on the right corner, I think they detail visits of Ramen Chefs from Japan. 一代目,二代目 Ichi Daime and Ni daime reminded me of Naruto.

We go to a ramen restaurant and my silly sister orders gyoza,$6.00. She missed out on the good stuff.

Looking forward to the beach tomorrow. Thanks to everyone contributing to our picnic. It’ll be a feast 😀