Here is the baby me.

Been collecting many photos that I’ve taken over the years at Ruse for the farewell assembly. Most weird photos we ever took were the ones at peer support camp year 10, where we deceptively took photos of scenery, but our real target were the couples in the grade. Some noticed the peering camera lens, some were oblivious to what we were doing, and some well, wanted to be in the photo

We were so wrong about Chris and Betty. LOL

Great memories with this photo. Carmen’s tombstone. Someone link me to the other half of this photo, where it has me as the tombstone. 🙂 We look so much better as Yr 10’s don’t we?

Will be doing Jap Trip 07 recounts in the near future. Looking at these photos bring back such great memories.

Spoon Killer! Run!!

Will add more photos after I upload. So for the mean time wait 🙂