I present to you, the Korean BBQ meal we had two months ago with my uncle and aunty from HK who were visiting for a few days. I’ve never really eaten Korean Food besides BBQ(which I don’t even think is Korean) and Kimchi,and Bulgogi. I hope to enlist your help in identifying some weird looking side dishes.

The most well known Korean dish, Kimchi.

Unknown dish number 1. Essentially it is just bean sprouts, but if there is a Korean name for it, please tell me 🙂

Unknown dish number 2. I think it is Korean Pancake.

Unknown dish number 3. Some white jelly thing that really didn’t taste like anything(or I just forgot what it taste like).

Raw Beef Tongue, of course eaten cooked. Imagining where the tongue has been prior to eating is not a good idea.

Cooked. It’s quite a tough piece of meat. It  acquired a tinge of bitterness from salivating too much grass in its life time.

Bulgogi. Yum?

Red Hot Chili Chicken. Good thing we ordered a mild chilli one. I wonder how much redder it would’ve been if it was super hot.

Watching everything sizzle. Yay. Clothes absorbing BBQ smell. Nay.

Maybe it was just this restaurant, but do Korean restaurants in general use metal chopsticks? After eating,my hands were hurting but gained a few points in strength.

And this is a strawberry tiramisu cake someone bought for us. Cake shop name on the cake, if you’re interested.

Would have photos of food from Din Tai Fung if I brought my camera.