For us doing Japanese Extension, here are a bunch of speaking/writing questions which I’ve done, yet to do, or made up. If some sound strange, then they were definitely not the ones I made up.


Technology was supposed to make our life easy, but in reality it doesn’t. What is your opinion?


Volunteer Activities give joy to both the recipients and the doers. Give your opinion.


Stress is a threat to the individual in modern society. Give your opinion.


Multicultural Society is the ideal society. What do you think?


Is being in a group important? Or one’s self?


As a student, what are you doing to protect the environment?


For everyone, goals are important. What do you think?

「ティーンエージャーの時期は一番難しい時期だ」 あなたはどう思いますか。

Teenage is the hardest time period. What do you think?


Worrying about the greenhouse effect is good but we must not ignore other world issues. What do you think?


Role Models are important for children while they grow up. Please talk about this.


The ideal family is a thing of the past. Do you agree?


As young people, what can we do for a happy world?


Advances in technology are making it harder for people to find jobs. What do you think?


Human beings cannot live alone. What do you think?


Obtaining a license at the age of 16 is too early. What do you think?