We’re all taught at a young age to never do bad things. Don’t swear. Don’t litter. Don’t steal. The list goes on. Well tonight, mum’s too tired to cook, so Dad announces we’re going out to the usual place to eat dinner, Ed’s Restaurant. All good, we arrive at the restaurant, order the usual, and eat. We’re close to clearing all the dishes, and then dad brings up paying the bill. I don’t know why but he usually asks mum to pay the bill. Most of the time, she does anyway but tonight she didn’t bring her purse. So my dad looks into his wallet, barely holding enough money for a fifty dollar meal. Shock, we weren’t going to be able to pay for the dinner. This reminded me of the BONES episode when Booth says to Brennan, that they’re going to do something bad, ‘Dine and Dash’. But of course, Booth paid. The idea of ‘Dine and Dash’ definitely popped in my head, but since we’re regulars, we were perfectly fine without paying. When my parents approached Ed’s dad, I felt so embarrassed, walked out of the restaurant , didn’t want the other customers to think we were retarded for not bringing enough money to eat. But yes, this is story of the first time, I walked out of a restaurant without paying. Wasn’t dramatic, or risk taking whatsoever.

There’s this Chinese saying which I couldn’t catch, which means eating without paying.