It isn’t quite yet spring but I’ve done some major cleaning up. During exams, you concentrate on study, and everything else around becomes ignored. My study area and my room became a clutter of paper during the past two weeks, and I’m glad I’ve cleared up the mess.With marks slowly coming back in, don’t be too disappointed if you didn’t do as well you liked to. There’s the HSC left to go, and it is another chance for you to perform to the best of your ability, so don’t give up ^^!

During highschool, we’ve accumulated quite alot of paper. I know when I went to Swot Shop, at least one tree a day was being killed just to make our fat booklets for our lessons. When my folder expanded enough to break itself, I would take everything out, remove all the staples, and recycle all the paper. Likewise, all this paper, from excursions, notes, past papers had their staples removed and plopped into the recycle. Having killed so many trees, it is only right to recycle it. Anything there seem familiar?

Midway cleaning, papers all over my bed

How are your cleaning habits? Mine are dreadful. Whenever I paper floats into my room, I stack them into a pile since I have no room on my table to put things. The pile grows taller, until I decide to sort and file them into their respective places. Annoying. Back in Year 9/10 Science, Bialy taught us about the chaos theory and how everything is bound to end in chaos, even the earth (not in the next 50years or so at least). Hence, we should not be bothered about cleaning. Our whole family except our dad are messy. My dad keeps his room spick and span, and always complains when we mess the order of his things.

My minimalist desktop, which I strive to keep from now on. No longer has the sticky notes, nor pens and pencils lying around. The  ‘Post your Desktop’ Thread in the framz is just people changing their desktop background every day. How often do you have to change your background!I haven’t changed mine for like 2 months. It’s not like you stare at the background when you have nothing to do. The thread should be renamed to avoid such misleading confusion! My newly acquired CD cabinet (1month ago) is sitting on the left. And next to it are my rubix cubes. One with the alphabet and numbers on faces. Doesn’t turn as well as the one I got back in Year 10. I can solve it under 2-3minutes still, using the slow method!

Sometime during the past few months, I asked my dad if I could buy a portable hard drive. These days, we can download so much, in so little time, an extra hard drive to store data is always going to be handy. When Kevin Rudd’s internet upgrade is initiated, we’ll be downloading so much more! But nuh. What happens if the hard drive dies? You’ll lose all your data! Yea so what, I don’t want to be carry around 500+ DVD’s when I could be carrying a portable hard drive. And then me and my dad went down to the maths, calculating cost per megabyte of storage. For the time being, he wins. However, to burn DVD’s takes 40minutes and it’s just tedious. Ah well, as long as he provides me with all my storage needs, I’m content with burning away.

The CD Cabinet is quite useful. Push the door open, and shoots out the drawer. This one holding 200, I’ve only half filled it, amounting to around 400 gigabytes of data ^^! I’ve also been cataloging what I have so it’ll make it easier for me to loan DVDs to people to steal stuff. I’ve got a list of what I have, with where it is located in my CD cabinet. I’ve got a variety of things (I think it is, but will be expanded on it), so if you want to have a look, MSN me and I’ll send you the catalogue. Special thanks to Sandy providing me with BONES. Saved me lots of download 🙂 Now I have to hunt down Ambert to give me NCIS. How do you store your data? DVD’s or Portable Hard drives, or even just on your computer? Years down the track, DVDs will become the new VHSs so I think storing on DVDs is quite redundant but anyhow.

Today I gave my speech for Module C. All School Assessment over forever. Woooo! Here’s my visual representation for your viewing pleasure. I hope you can pick out the symbolism!

And I realised I left out an extra slash for my photo tag. =O