If you don’t listen to EXILE, then I don’t think this post is worth your time. My playlist is now 50% EXILE almost. Few days ago, found out Choo Choo Train was remade a few times.

Here’s the first Choo Choo Train, by Zoo, which later split, with the leader making a new band later called JSoul Brothers which was then renamed EXILE. I had a bit of a problem with lyrics when I first heard Exile’s 2nd version. Who’s that guy? Only a girl would actually sing that lyric so having listened to the original, no longer will I find them singing those lyrics weird. If you search up Choo Choo Train Exile in youtube, you’ll find so many people trying to replicate the dances. There a few which are quite good but then there was this video with highschool kids, was bad.

EXILE’s Choo Choo Train, when Shun was still in the band. When compared to Takahiro’s singing, he cannot match, but different singing style of course. The PV is pretty cool, at the end the kids dance so well!

Here’s EXILE’s second version, with Takahiro. I think they killed the video with pretty much everything except the song and the dancing. And in the comments, apparently JaeJoong from DBSK likes this PV. And this of course led many DBSK fans to watching this video. I find it quite funny lol.

I wanna jump on the choo choo train that doesn’t stop at the HSC =o