Prior to meeting up with you guys to watch Harry Potter, I went up to Kunokuniya and bought myself a copy of Ototake Hirotada’s 五体不満足 (Gotaifumanzoku:No one’s perfect). I promised to buy one back here.Gotaifumanzoku was the prescribed text for HSC Japanese Extension for many years before they recently switched to Spirited Away.  Though most students doing Japanese Extension this year were probably ecstatic when they heard about Spirited Away being the prescribed (this probably boosted up the numbers in our Japanese Extension Class >_>), I wouldn’t have minded studying Gotaifumanzoku. Both texts have their own level of depth but to be reading an autobiography, is alot more powerful in my opinion. Reading about Ototake,a man without arms and legs, growing up in a society inadequate at providing assistance for his disabilities is alot more thought provoking I think.

I painfully went through the first chapter of the book (車椅子の王様)looking up every word I didn’t know, picking up alot of adverbs, kanji, but it was quite worth it. In a nutshell, Ototake was different, he had many problems but his parents were warriors, doing anything to make sure he was living normally.  To have a disabled child is devastating but to have to go through bring one up is unthinkable. I wonder if I would be strong enough to deal with it if it ever happened.

I’m probably a bit crazy, but to motivate my Japanese Learning, I want to be able to read Japanese Literature.It’ll be interesting to see what Japanese Literature has to offer. There’s nothing wrong with English books, but reading Japanese, it just sounds beautiful when read.

Watching Harry Potter in Vmax was an interesting experience (though probably not worth the extra money we paid). The movie was a let down towards the end. I thought there would be alot more action having read the book, but it was just Snape pew pewing Dumbledore and walking out of the castle. Ah well, one more Harry Potter movie to go. I have yet to finish reading the last book! I’ll get to it, having added reading the whole of Harry Potter onto my Post HSC list.