I’ve posted quite alot of photos of food in the past year. I hoped they made you hungry :D.

But here is the long awaited tutorial for food photography editing! Or what I do to my photos. You will require photoshop and a photo of food!

Here is our test subject. The Sweet Ginger sorbet I had at the Paradoxe Restaurant back in February.

It looks very dull compared to the final product…

This was the photo of the sorbet in my Paradoxe Restaurant post. I’ll somehow try to replicate it.

1.Levels: Image->Adjustments->Levels

Where my mouse is, is where I pulled the white triangle from the right of that line. Pull it to the black graphing area to brighten up the photo. This can be used for any photos which have been given poor lightning. You can muck around with the rest of the arrows to produce your desired result.

And the sorbet is happy bright one.

2.Saturation: Image->Adjustment->Saturation

Beware of using saturation,as oversaturation can ruin your photos! Saturation will make the colours in the food, scream?

Not much different from the previous one but you’ll see the differences in other photos.

3. Unsharpen Mask: Filter->Sharpen->Unsharpen Mask…

This is important for any food photo. Unsharpening the mask allows you to bring our the texture in the food. You’ll need to play around with the three settings, amount,radius and threshold until you reach your desired result. This step is the most tedious but when done well, makes your food stunning.

Here is the final product.

Now for a few more, to see how editing photos will change its look.

I think the duckling is the best example.

And that’s the tutorial. I hope to see some awesome food photos on your blogs in the near future.

And in other news, I got offered an interview for the Jap Scholarship. It’s next Thursday so wish me luck!