Today I was reading DC, reading the article about Fire Fox 3.5. With nothing else better to do with my time, other than completing the first aid booklet, I installed Fire Fox 3.5 in Japanese. Only thing I’ve been able to notice is the new icon, which resembles Foxkeh alot more. I should probably look into the new specs.


And you might have noticed I also installed Windows Live Messenger in Japanese. Out of boredom once again! It’s pretty cool, whenever a contact signs in it goes [Insert Name] さんがサインインしました。 Now I’m close to matching  Ed, and his Windows 7OS in Japanese. Now all I need to do is install a Japanese OS which I wanted to a while back when I read Danny Choo’s Learning Japanese Article.

Tomorrow is the Maths Excursion. [sarcasm]YAY!![sarcasm] Miss a day of school to attend lecture about maths. Hopefully it is interesting! Probably can catch a movie afterwards if anyone is interested.

Exam marks are slowly surfacing. Only English and Mathematics Extension 1 so far. To my surprise, my English held up even though after the exam I thought I wrote a shoddy last paragraph on the loss of Hamlet. Apparently we’re getting Mathematics Extension 2 back tomorrow but I won’t have to face any dismal marks until Friday. I think I did well in both Japanese Continuers and Extension, after pissing most people off by asking loudly for moar paper. Sorry guys, we seriously don’t get enough boxed paper! I’m not so confident about chemistry, since I kinda half assed studied it this time unlike last term, when I knew everything before the exam.

Have fun tomorrow