Finally Installed the new version of MSN messenger after the prompt kept bugging me for the past few weeks.


I like the fresh new look of . I’ve yet to explore any extra functions they added in.I’m Using Live Writer that came with the installation. I don’t need to log onto my dashboard to be able to blog. Just trying it out. Recently my firefox crashes when I want to insert a picture or video, via java or whatever it is. Using live writer solves that though I’m perfectly capable of typing the HTML codes for them

With so many people from ruse joining the blogosphere, my RSS feed folder is continually expanding. It was only about a month ago that my feeds were not organised into folders, having all my feeds piled all in one bookmark folder. How do you organise your RSS feeds?


And my music, I’ve been listening to EXILE’s Catchy Best Album for the past week or so. I must be crazy.


Just trying out a few functions.

世界の果てまでイッテQ (Sekai no hate made itte Q – To the ends of the world) sends their cast around the world to answer questions, or do particular things. Miyagawa Daisuke 宮川大輔, dubbed last year as お祭り男(Festival Man)  goes around the world to find the 一番盛り上がるお祭り (Most exciting festival) . Every month, he travels around the world to participate in festivals held around the world. One episode last year, he was sent to England to compete in the Cheese Rolling Competition at Cooper’s Hill. I hope you can understand enough to enjoy the video. I understand enough to be able to laugh at some of the joke made, especially when they reveal the English Newspapers misspelt his name as ‘DAISUKI’ 大好き! 

In other news, the change from UAI->ATAR is completely unnecessary.

Anyhow, everyone study hard these coming weeks! I’ll probably won’t make another post until exams are over, but I’ll still visit your blogs when I feel like not working. Good luck for exams everyone!