After much commotion surrounding the leak document from BONES, it has been officially announced that there will be a second season of Darker than BLACK. Source via ANN.

BK201 from Darker than Black

This is great news for all us DTB fans. To be able to watch BK201 in action again will be awesome. However, what will the second season have installed for us? Will the story continue from where it left off? Most of our favourite contractors/characters killed off. Zhi Jun Wei, Huang, Mao, Amber. Will it follow Misaki’s team catching  contractors with their new found ways of detaining? Highly unlikely, I think. If the anime is directed this way, what will BK201’s significance be to the story?


To continue the story where the first season left off seems a bit weird. They would have to create scenario such as creating a new gate which would absolutely make no sense since there can only be a heaven’s and hell’s gate. This leads me to, will they direct the second season to detail the events prior to the first season? Heaven’s Gate was lightly touched upon the first season when we learnt about the past of Hei and Pai. We know little about the Gate and what happened. I can see that if they do choose to show what happened at the Heaven’s Gate, there will be considerable amounts of fight scenes, which are going to be very detailed and sharp. We will get to learn about the past of all our characters, how they came to be who they are, especially Hei!

Or it could follow the manga(one of them). I’ve only read one chapter of the DTB manga(the only chapter I’ve been able to get, I should probably try harder to find the other ones), and it didn’t quite follow the anime story so…

I’ve also had this thought that if they were going to make a second season, they would call it Brighter than White. And of course it would be about the Heaven’s Gate. Lame am I?


Anyway, let’s say I’m crying with excitement that there will be a second season of Darker than BLACK to look forward to.