Was watching one  episodes of 世界の果てまでイッテQ  from last year. For those who don’t know,世界の果てまでイッテQ is a variety show where various celebrities and comedians such as Miyagawa Daisuke and Tegoshi Yuya (NEWS) are given missions to go to other countries to explore and discover culture. Currently they are participating in unique cultural activies such as Indonesia’s ‘climb a high pole to win items’ challenge. But last year, it seems they were answering viewer questions.

In this particular episode,they investigated , out of Japanese(書道-shodou) and Chinese Calligraphy, which one is superior!

To find out, they invited Rie to help them with their investigation. Rie is very prosu at calligraphy, winning many competitions.

Here is one of her works.

And to make the investigation funny, they send Impulse, a Japanese comedy duo. Most comedy acts in Japan coming in duos, unlike how we have solos such as Judith Lucy and Akmal Sali in the western world.

They travelled to a city in 杭州(Hang Zhou). Writing calligraphy on the ground seems be a common past time among the older generations.

Here is Rie, showing off her 餃子 Gyouza (dumpling), for some critical analysis from the gramps around. This one commented that the balance is good, and that Rie’s, among the Chinese is very good.

Afterwards they went to a shop selling calligraphy equipment. They were selling brushes made of skink fur. Not sure what this was but using water instead of ink.

After that, they headed to the calligraphy school to start their investgation! They asked the principal(or teacher, not sure) for their best student but replied that she was not here. Shame but it gave Rie time to practice and show off her skills among all the students. Also we were given quite an insightful lesson about the differences between Japanese and Chinese Calligraphy.

One difference is that the Japanese use their whole body while writing whilst the Chinese stand.

Unlike Japanese Calligraphy, Chinese uses little movement.

This difference is quite lol. In Chinese calligraphy, you may redo a stroke if you stuffed up the start of it. This is like cheating =p

Anyway next day, Rie met her competition, Chanchan (that’s what they called her). Chanchan is one of the best students in the calligraphy school and she wants to become a calligraphy teacher.

Japanese have great cartoons for explanations. Basically, Rie and Chanchan do their calligraphy and then have 100 people observe and vote which one is better.

For the competition, they had to write the four characters above. Meaning is along the lines, care for your neigbours and you will have good relation with people and countries etc. Maybe you can work upon my intepretation.

Both with confidence said they themselves would win. But there can only be one winner.

The setup of the competition.

Rie starting to write 親. Even with the pressure, she is able to write with grace and style.

Chanchan writing 仁.

The calligraphy complete, now the voting begins. Voters did not know who’s was who’s.  Comments were varied but generally, Chanchan’s flows better and Rie’s looks stylish.

And sadly, Chinese Calligraphy won. Even defeated, Rie knew she tried her best.

Back at the studio, they bring out the scrolls. They all preferred Rie’s, without doubt. One of the guests saying that they wanted Rie’s calligraphy on a Tshirt. lol.

Now you wonder where does the Q come in from the show’s title. The Q stick the host Uchimura Teruyoshi is holding and Q symbol, the guests/celebrities do before viewing someone’s overseas adventure. Tegoshi does it so many times, it makes him look like a fool XD

So whose calligraphy did you prefer? Have you ever done calligraphy? If not would you try it out?

Rie’s! Because Chanchan screwed up her 仁!I would try it out because it will help me to write my kanji with more style, unlike my very rigid style on my folder. We have calligraphy equipment at home so hopefully I’ll give it a try in a few weeks. Not enough space to do Japanese method, so I’ll have to settle for Chinese!