It’s that time again, when we thank and appreciate everything our mums have done for us. The devotion mums put into raising you up is enormous. After thinking about the things my mum does for me and the family, I don’t thank her enough, which I find a bit sad but will be changing that  during this year. Mums should be taking the day off to relax but my mum had to go to work in the afternoon so we had special little ‘Mother’s Day Lunch’ at Kenta, situated in North Sydney, a Japanese Restaurant we often go. Great price for its serving! Now for what you’ve been waiting for. The tasty food!

Ramen Set: Ramen with Miso Soup Base $12.90

Ramen! Yum! Complementing the ramen is…


I skipped breakfast but was quite full after I was halfway through it!

Lunch Set: Teriyaki Fish with Miso Soup and Rice $6.90

My sister’s meal. I find it ridiculous that she ate around three pieces of the fish and said she couldn’t eat anymore. The cause of that happened to be miso soup, as she explained later. She didn’t even peck at the salad! She complains about being short when she is isn’t eating enough. Too late for her to gain any height however.

Added just to make you feel sad

I can never be bothered to get every grain into my mouth

So what did you do with your mum today?