About time Volume Four Fugitives ended. Worst Volume of Heroes ever! For those who dropped Heroes, here is what went down…

– Sylar killed Nathan

-Peter wtfpwns Sylar as Sylar attempts to kill the president

-Parkman brainwashes the tranquilized Sylar to be NATHAN. Yes I wrote that.

In case you didn’t understand that. Sylar has become Nathan Petrelli.I don’t understand why they couldn’t just inject some of Claire’s blood into Nathan’s dead body to revive him. Complete stupidity!?!? Though Sylar seems to be gone, he’ll probably be back to kill for moar abilities.

The sneak peek of Volume 5 reveals that Tracey Strauss will be the main villain. She resemble the characters of Liquid Snake or T-1000 from Terminator 2, having a liquid form plus being able to manipulate water. Should be an interesting Volume 5.

Will continue to watch for lulz.